Hannah Arrowood
Speaker, Author, Leader

For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. Romans 11:29
Partners In Christ
My youngest daughter and I on a ropes course! We love adventure, especially in God's great outdoors.


"I raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display my power in you and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth." Romans 9:17

Described as dynamic and vibrant, Hannah’s personality is a magnet to those around her. Her transparency of life’s situations, combined with fresh applications of God’s word, enable her to captivate her audience. She is honest, relevant, and sincere in her message for teenage girls.


With several of her family members in the ministry, Hannah grew up in a home where Christ was the center. But Satan attacks even the strongest families. Hannah's life changed drastically when her parents divorced and she soon became pregnant at age 17.


Hannah did what most in her situation would not do by graduating high school and college while raising her daughter.  She was determined not to become a statistic. As life brought trials into her life of a broken family, balancing life, threat of cancer and more, Hannah continued to trust in the steadfast love of Christ.


God’s calling on Hannah’s life was clear and precise, “Go and tell”.  Her desire to spread God’s message of hope to broken teens across the country is infectious. She passionately demonstrates, with wisdom and genuineness, how God’s plan for our lives is unmatched. Through her willingness to be transparent, Hannah breaks the resistance so TRUTH can be revealed.  Her personality will bring out the best in you, as she speaks with confidence about finding your value and worth in Christ.

The Everyday Me

I am happily married to my best friend Jeff.  We are as different as night and day - and God brought us together and created a perfect balance.  I have two precious daughters, Sierra and Brianna.  They are my sanity, and lack thereof.  I am honored to be able to call myself wife and mother. Of course, we cannot forget Sadey Girl, my dog. Girls definitely rule in our house (or at least we like to think we do). 


I enjoy watching or reading a good mystery.  Any type of competition - count me in...I've even been known to participate in Spartan races.  I love my family - we have ups and downs just like you.  We have struggles and exciting times too. I learn so much, just from living life. God never said it would be easy - he just said he would be there. Overall we are a typical family, who love the Lord and are not ashamed of it!

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