Partners In Christ
My youngest daughter and I on a ropes course! We love adventure, especially in God's great outdoors.

My Story

"For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable! 

Romans 11:29

Hannah is a dreamer and believer in the impossible.  Hannah Arrowood is the founder and Executive Director of Present Age Ministries. She combines 10 years of experience in corporate America with 10 years of nonprofit leadership. Hannah has had the privilege of traveling to dozens of states, four continents and several countries as she has served the Lord. She has spoke at conferences around the world, and trained leaders to walk in purpose. She is also the author the book: Who Am I, Practical Truths in a Deceiving World; and Embracing the Kingdom of God - An 8-week study on Intentional Worship. 

Hannah grew up in a home where Christ was the center, including several of her family members in the ministry. But Satan attacks even the strongest families. Hannah's life changed drastically in her teenage years. As life brought trials, Hannah was reintroduced to the love of her Heavenly Father and it radically changed her life. 

God’s calling on Hannah’s life was clear and precise, despite the fact that she ran from it for years. Once surrendered, her desire to spread God’s message of hope to broken ladies across the world ignited. She passionately demonstrates, with wisdom and genuineness, how God’s plan for our lives is unmatched. Her transparency shatters resistance so His perfect TRUTH can be revealed.

Hannah loves family. She has been with her husband for nineteen years. They are as different as night and day - and God perfectly matched them for His glory. They have two teenage daughters, Sierra and Brianna. Hannah enjoys watching a good crime show and if there is a competition, count her in. She has been known to participate in Spartan races, 5k and hiking up mountains. And yes, she is always energetic, always!

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