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Can you say, “I am beautiful”? How about, “I am destined for great things”? Chances are you cannot confidently answer “yes” to these questions. But those days are over—you too can discover the heart of God and his love for you.

Who Am I? is saturated with essential truths for addressing real-life issues of acceptance, self-worth, purity, and more. In this life-changing book, you'll walk away with:

• An understanding that you are beautiful, just the way you are.
• Assurance that God destined your life for great things.
• Practical ways to remain pure despite the cultural demands.
• Lasting confidence that you desire, and more . . .

Whether you are in middle school, high school, or beyond, finding assurance in God’s Word will eliminate the fear, pain, and frustration of your teenage years and guide you to a newfound security. Your life wi
ll be tra
What Others Think
This has probably been my favorite small group study yet. It just was so real and it was like someone gets it. I am so excited to grow in my relationship with God because now I get that my life has purpose.  ~E, 14 years old
WOW! This book has challenged me to redefine how I view myself. It was so easy to read and so relatable. I already have given my copy to a friend.  ~Kayla, 16 years old
I also want to take time to personally thank you for your complete transparency in writing this book. The girls and I have had some pretty amazing discussions rooted out of your personal experiences and of others who you share in the book. We highlight as we read, and there are so many amazing lines you wrote that we highlighted and I continue to quote to them over and over.. "When you pray, are you praying for what you want, or for God to show you what He wants?" "When you feel inferior, stop and ask yourself, What am I comparing myself to-the world or the Word?" "The greatest protection against the lies of the enemy is finding security in Christ." There are too many to list here but each chapter has been filled with moments and words the Holy Spirit has used to show up in amazing ways. The Holy Spirit ministered to the girls in an amazing way after we read "Your parents may not understand you...There is One who understands you and loves you unconditionally." Your book has been a tool God is using powerfully to bring that realization alive for them! ~Sherry, Small Group Leader (NJ)
A common struggle in life is figuring out who we are and why we were created.  This book is an excellent resource for discovering one’s inner  beauty as intended by our Creator and as measured by the Truths found in His Word.  The simple, open, and honest writing style makes it easy to read and understand as well as applicable to your life.  God is the center of this book and He can be the center of your life too! ~Gloria Thurman, MA, LPC (mom) 

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