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A note from Hannah...

Dear Leaders & Parents,

The world is feeding our girls lies minute by minute, day by day. Our Christian teen girls are being devoured by issues such as body image,   eating disorders, self mutilation, boy craziness and more. The result - heartache and pain. As mothers, we tend to carry the heartache and pain we experienced into our parenting and hesitate to acknowledge its effect. I remember all to well what happens when you believe the lies from the world. I was left with the same heartache and pain that I see girls facing today. God is full of grace and mercy and I am so thankful that he healed me from the inside out and I can now reach out to girls during the hardest years of their life, including my own daughters.

The greatest protection against the lies of the world is confidence in Christ. The next most influential person in their life is their momma! At the beginning of my journey to full-time ministry, God called me to write this book. It became very evident to me as I worked with teens in their struggles of daily life, girls need truth. This conference is an extension of the truths found in a life-changing book. Created to encourage, educate and equip girls, the Who Am I conference leads them to an absolute understanding of who they are in the eyes of an Almighty God. The transformation begins from the inside out and secures their confidence in a lasting place-CHRIST.

In Him,


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